Photo/Video Storytelling I: Portrait Monologues


Ages: 16 & up

It is projected that in the next 3 years or less, 80% of the content available online will be video based. Whatever we do professionally, chances are we may soon be called upon to do it on camera or video conferencing perhaps! We live in a time now where proficiency and collaboration in multiple creative skills not only make marketing and work productions more fun, but also more professionally competitive if we understand how it all works.

This is an interactive workshop series for filmmakers, photographers, performers, marketers, poets, and non-creative professionals alike. Anyone who wants to learn the art of on-camera performance or directing can benefit.

So, what is a monologue? It is any composition in which a person speaks alone. This covers a wide range of informational end uses, such as artistic, commercial, educational, vocational, and more.

These classes are designed for you to understand the incremental connections of both sides of the camera so we learn better how to create these projects together. All students will be assigned with the experience of working in front of -and- behind the lens.

This opportunity allows us to experiment in the safety of a pressure-free studio environment, and to give and receive constructive direction with a completed video and photo reel at the end.

Behind the Camera

  • Learn how to lead a shoot clearly and sensitively and to do so in less ‘takes
  • Practice direction by clearly interpreting the monologue script or topic, and then finding effective language to relax your subjects while pulling the best performance out of them.
  • Hone the compositional art of shooting compelling portraits by making cohesive production choices for the background, lighting, dress, etc. that serve the message of the work.

In Front of the Camera

  • Learn to relax in front of the camera and trust in the creative direction of the work
  • Practice the art of mind/body awareness by controlling nervous habits, improving posture, breathing, and speech, maintaining eye contact, and focusing outwardly on the intent of your role in the scene
  • Hone listening skills, self-correction, and interpretive expression by shedding self-consciousness and judgment. This will help you commit to key characterizations of role-play and the overall message of the video piece.

Post Production

  • We will work together to edit and title all final projects using available software throughout the course. Basic scene cuts, soundtrack additions, and scene titles will be used as needed or able in class and at home.*

* Editing processes will be limited for this class, and determined by available software for each student. The extent of shooting options may be determined by this availability also.

We will work with marketing concepts, screenplay excerpts, poetry, or original scripts, which we will review and select together in the first 2 classes. Students are encouraged to bring in samples to the first class.

Everyone gains character headshots (portraits) and video (audition) reels in the end – courtesy of your teamwork!


  • Each Student will be required to have their own digital camera with video feature and a tripod.
  • Make and model of camera does not matter. DSLRs, Point and Shoot, or most current smart phones that can shoot both still images and at least 5 minutes of continuous video are all applicable.
  • Students must also have basic software or apps on their computer (or access to) for work edits. A flash drive of a min 4GB or Dropbox account for work storage and class presentation is also suggested.

*Basic knowledge of video and photography required

REFUND POLICY: Students who withdraw 8 days (or more) prior to the start date of the first class receive a full refund less the $10 process fee. Students who withdraw 7 days (or less) prior to the start date of the first class DO NOT receive a refund of any kind.

CANCELLATIONS: All classes not meeting their minimum requirement one week prior to class start date may be cancelled. In the event of class cancellation by Schack Art Center, you will be notified by e-mail or by phone and receive a full refund of tuition and fees. (We cannot connect to phones with caller block.)

MISSED CLASSES: There are no discounts or refunds for missed classes or late registrations.

Schack Art Center

Schack Art Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and celebrating the arts for the enhancement of community life. Glass artist Jesse Kelly working in the Schack hot shop. Founded more than 38 years ago as the Arts Council of Snohomish County, the Schack Art Center opened in April 2011 and was named for John and Idamae Schack, in honor of their steadfast support of Everett's cultural institutions. Today the Schack Art Center is the place to look at, learn about, and create art in our region.

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Reviews of Schack Art Center

(3 Reviews)
Lisa L.
I love the Schack. I love what it brings to Downtown Everett, and I love what it offers those living nearby. My primary involvement with the center so far has been taking advantage of their classes. In the last 4 months I have either registered for or completed three. Each one I have participated in turned out to be a good value for the money I spent. I walked away with new skills, and some really cool projects to show for it. I think they do a really good job offering a wide variety of different media - right now the only thing I can think of that they're lacking is pottery. Thankfully there are other great studios nearby that fill that need. I am really looking forward to my upcoming class in June (lino-cut) and can't wait to see what else I discover there in the months to come.
Heather J.
I didnt know this was here, until I signed up to take a class and was amazed to find a whole new building at the address given. Apparently its kinds of new, with apartments up above it. Free street parking. Hot glass shop, and other rooms to take classes. Took a flame torch bead making class and was quite impressed with the facility. Its a great location and defintely brings something much needed to Everett. Upcoming classes look fantastic, I am sure I will be frequenting here as the years go on. My instructor was great. There are tons of bathrooms. Lots of art on display, a gift shop. Seems like they are hoping to do lots of events at this location as well, we stumbled across some kind of holiday craft fair. I am sure I will be back here many times. Glad to have it in the neighborhood.
Terri P.
Everett has a beautiful new art space and gallery! -Sunlight beams through an all glass entry. -The gallery showcases original works by local artists. -An open hot shop allows you to witness glass artists at work. The art center offers classes too! Visit their website to learn more about glass, fiber arts, silversmithing, drawing, painting, and more. Working artists can even rent studio space. Definitely worth a visit.