Games are Awesome – Summer Coder Camp (Ages 7-10)

Game Coding

Let’s get ready for summer camps!

This fun camp is all about coding games – and the awesomeness that comes from it! From Frogger to Tron or even classics like Breakout or Flappy Bird, our Code Coaches will help choose the right game(s) for our campers. Campers will not only create a real functioning game from scratch, they’ll practice the fundamental coding concepts required in any language, learn how to think logically, and have fun while doing it. Using Scratch, MIT’s popular drag-and-drop programming language, campers will code cool playable games with guidance from our seasoned Code Coaches, and have a sweet Friday afternoon demo for parents to see! Because we do all our coding online, campers can log into their account at any time during or after camp to show off what they’ve done, and even keep adding to their game!

We’ll be using cool drag n’ drop languages like Scratch or Snap to create us some cool new and classic games! Aimed at our newbie and novice coders. Scratch is the most widely used teaching tool for kids today. Kudos to the folks at MIT who created it, Scratch is great because it’s so graphical and easy to start with, but can support even the most complex logic that professionals use. Think your little camper “knows Scratch” already? They don’t! That’s the beauty of what we teach – it’s not the language (the “syntax”) that matters , it’s the practice of thinking through a problem and applying a solution (the “logic”) that’s critical to ANY coding language – and any future career, for that matter! Some locations may choose to use Snap! instead, a similar language created by Berkeley (that they even use to teach Berkeley college freshman!).

What will campers learn? Lots of cool stuff! Our camps focus on coding apps from scratch. We’re not just relying on a platform to change parameters in a game, we’re actually doing sequential coding through logical steps. Campers will gain general skills like problem solving, teamwork, code debugging, and perhaps most importantly, all campers will learn and practice the logical thinking skills required to program a computer at any level! In addition campers will gain and practice important coding concepts that may include:

  • Variables, Loops, and If/Then Logic
  • Cartesian Coordinates and Sprite Movement
  • Event Detection
  • Score Keeping and Game Design
  • Simple Math Logic
  • and More!

Kids bring their own lunches and water bottles and we’ll take care of the rest!

Skill Level: Kids with very little or no coding background can join us for this beginner’s programming camp. And, because we have a number of games up our sleeves, even the more advanced elementary school coders can learn and have fun in our camp by coding more complex games. If your camper is a regular Coder School student however, be sure to check with us first, as sometimes this material is covered in more detail in our regular after-school Coaching sessions.


24 Hour advance cancellation policy.
Make-up sessions allowed.

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Founded in Silicon Valley, the Coder School aims to promote and encourage coding between the ages of 7-18. Whether coding is an established passion or a new found hobby, the Coder School offers a uniquely fun service for either beginners or the experienced. Rather than using static one-size-fits-all curriculum's, our core program uses an immersion and mentoring approach in a super-small student to teacher ratio (typically 2:1).

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