Raspberry Pi Jam – Summer Coder Camp (Ages 10+)

Tiny Computer

Jam to the coolest credit card sized gadget, the Raspberry Pi3. Raspberry Pi is the latest in the tiny computing and Internet-of-Things craze. Our Pi Jam camp takes campers through an introductory crash course on how to set up a Pi and run some basic programming on it. Each camper will have their own Pi computer to work on. Intermediate coders only, please.

Explore cool stuff you can do with a tiny computer that can run languages like Scratch or Python, control physical things like lights and other sensors, and even let you play with a Python-coded version of Minecraft! Our Pi Jam camp introduces kids to one of the hottest mini-computers today and campers will get a chance to get hands-on, from installing the operating system to getting the computer started and running. Once the Pi is up and functional, campers will learn how to operate their own mini-computer, coding with a range of languages from Unix command prompts to Python or Scratch.

Our Pi Jam camp introduces our more advanced programmers to the world of IoT, or Internet of Things. As computers and technology expand like wildfire, you’ll find more and more computers in your “things” – like your watch, your smart home, or even your refrigerator. These gadgets are all run by computers that are getting smaller and smaller!

Skill Level: Our Pi Jam camp is our more advanced camp. Campers should be good coders already, with good understanding of fundamental coding concepts. Coders must be good typers, and have a basic amount of experience with languages like Python, Javascript, or the equivalent.

Kids bring their own lunches and water bottles and we’ll take care of the rest!

24 Hour advance cancellation policy.
Make-up sessions allowed.

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