Rise of the Machines – Summer Coder Camp (Ages 9+)

AI Coding

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the bigger buzzwords today, and we’re ready to help you tackle it. What is AI? Why is it taking over the world? When will the Terminator come back and take down John Connor?? We’ll start out talking about AI use cases and dive into some fundamental algorithms and create some basic AI apps as well.

Depending on our campers’ skill levels, we’ll likely use Python or Scratch for our coding. AI typically is a focus on algorithms and logical design, so language and language syntax is less important. We’ll typically use the language the campers are more familiar with.

Our AI Camp will help de-mystify what artificial intelligence is, and how it’s used in the world. AI can be extremely complex, but like all software, it’s based on basic building blocks of logic. We’ll start with basic AI apps like guessing games, then dive into more fundamental AI apps like computer-opponent games or chatbots, and may get into more complex strategies of “computer thinking” based on campers’ progress. Specific applications will depend on skillset of campers enrolled.

Campers will gain general skills like algorithm design, problem solving, code debugging, and perhaps most importantly, all campers will learn and practice the logical thinking skills required to program a computer at any level! In addition campers will gain experience in:

  • How AI affects our world today
  • Algorithm design and understanding
  • Deeper coding concepts that apply to all levels of coding
  • Brush up on the fundamentals, Python syntax and/or code structure, where appropriate (loops, variable, structure, etc)
  • and More!

Kids bring their own lunches and water bottles and we’ll take care of the rest!

Skill Level: Knowledge of Python is helpful, but not required, as apps may be built in Scratch as well. Desire and ability to think through complex logical steps (algorithms) is required, because AI is all about algorithms! Note that this camp will focus less on graphics and visual feedback, and more on logical algorithm thinking.

24 Hour advance cancellation policy.
Make-up sessions allowed.

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