WebRox – Summer Coder Camp (Ages 10+)


Our WebRox camp is all about websites, because the web rocks! Code with all the base web technologies, learn how the internet and file transfers work, and get your pages uploaded to our servers for public viewing! Our campers will spend the week designing and building their very own websites and get ’em published to the world by the end of the week. Importantly, kids will be introduced to Internet Safety and why cyber-safety matters, plus we’ll learn the basics of how the internet works (wait, you mean that Facebook page lives out in the “cloud” somewhere?!). Novice or intermediate coders. As usual, our Fridays are all about the demo, showing off the all cool website stuff the kids create!

We use the “big three” languages of the web in this camp – HTML, CSS, and for advanced kids, Javascript. These three technologies make up the basis of all websites around the world, so are some of the most well known languages there are! Unlike some other classes, we focus on the core technology code base, instead of using a platform to quickly create a beautiful site without needing to code. The Coder School also provides each camper their very own public place to host their page(s), so anyone around the world can see the cool stuff they’ve done with just a URL!

Campers will learn all about how websites are coded from scratch, and how all websites everywhere are based on the exact same languages that the kids will be using. Some of the concepts kids may learn and practice include:

  • Basics of internet safety
  • High level understanding of the Internet Architecture
  • Basic usage of HTML tags like <img>, <p>, <strong>
  • Understanding of how CSS affect websites
  • What Javascript is, and for more advanced kids, a basic start
  • and More!

Kids bring their own lunches and water bottles and we’ll take care of the rest!

Skill Level: Kids in our WebRox camp should be strong typers and familiar with the keyboard. Coding or website experience isn’t necessary. Those with some level of website experience are also welcome to join to learn more advanced concepts. If your camper is a regular Coder School student learning website development however, be sure to check with us first, as sometimes this material is covered in more detailed in our regular after-school Coaching sessions.

24 Hour advance cancellation policy.
Make-up sessions allowed.

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