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Connect2Classes is coming to the Bay Area. List your classes, reach new students and fill seats! 

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List your classes for free: no upfront fees, no long-term commitment, no credit card to sign up.

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We upload your class schedules, make sure they are perfect, and update them on a regular basis.  

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Pay only for registrations

You pay a fee only when we provide a fully paid and registered student.  Remember we're not booking all your students, just adding to those you book. 

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Reach a wide audience

With our advertising partners in the Bay area we reach a wide range of customers through print, online, email and social media.

What Our Customers Say

Chef Carol Sizzlewoks Cooking School

I have been registering students through Connect2Classes since their inception here in the Seattle area. Their marketing efforts here have been superb, and my business has been exposed to a large number of potential students that we would not have otherwise reached. With the increased exposure, we have increased enrollment! Gotta LOVE that!

At General Assembly, our mission is to help people pursue the work they love through education. To reach audiences interested in learning new skills, we use a variety of places to promote our workshops. Out of all the ones available in Seattle, Connect2Classes is the only one that focuses solely on education and learning. We’ve had a really great experience using the platform and have had a lot of engaged students take workshops at GA thanks to C2C’s reach.

Edward Farraye General Assembly

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