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Swirl, sniff, slurp – wine tasting basics

Wine tasting

Shopping for wine is a daunting process for most people. That is why most wines end up being selected for their label…cute animals on the label enticing your purchase. Unfortunately, the cute label method is just a roll of the dice. How many times have you been disappointed with your wine purchase?

Discover Wine Tasting Classes

Increase your wine IQ with a good wine class and learn to choose your wine wisely. A good class should teach you the basics of wine tasting (yes, there really is a technique) that will truly increase your enjoyment of wine. Learn the basics of wine regions and how to read a label, increase your ability for matching wine with food, and how to find new wines from around the world with confidence.

Most wine drinkers already know what kind of wine they like and stay locked in to a few brands. With a little bit of time spent in a good wine class you can expand your palate and try new wines from interesting regions. Expanding your wine IQ will increase your wine purchase options and overall enjoyment of this healthy beverage.

Wine classes are fun! This isn’t algebra or applied mathematics…it’s all about red, white, and bubbly beverages that taste great. After learning the basics of tasting techniques you will be able to verbalize why you like or dislike certain wines. It is just as important to be able to describe to a wine steward why you like a wine as it is why you dislike a wine. Telling your local wine merchant that it tastes nice doesn’t help them guide you to a good selection for your tastes.

A good wine class will use the Wine Aroma Wheel developed by Ann C. Noble as a guide to learning how to describe the flavors in wine. Understanding wine terminology will increase your enjoyment of wine and certainly impress your friends. Be the one at the table that is helpful and sharing with your new found wine knowledge!

Learn regional differences or wine varietals…why does the Syrah from France taste different form the Syrah in California, Washington, and Australia. Varietals always have a similarity in taste but regionals differences are so interesting and tasty! You may like the Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand just to find out that you love it from the Sancerre region in France. Champagne is great…but there are wonderful sparkling wines from many regions at value prices.

A good wine class not only increases your wine IQ but in the long run saves you from making bad purchases (saving money!), opens a new world of selections for you, expands your tasting ability which will intensify your enjoyment of wine…and all while having a good time!

So choose your wine class soon…start with the basics then progress at your own pace and enjoy your new found knowledge! Here are some classes in the Seattle area.

This advice was given by “My Wine Guy”.

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